Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I luv u... sayonara amigo....

Two friends went out for a walk on a one calm day. They sat at the park near to their house.
A: I hope we'll be friend forever.
B: Me either.
A: I hope our friendship will never be forgotten neither by me nor you. Promise?
B: Promise!
A: Well, this maybe a ridiculous question but you think how long can we become friends?
B: About 5 minutes from now.
A: WHAT??? How could you? Are you serious or what? We even have promised to be together forever.
B: Yes. Thats true. I agree. But I also can't deny what I'm talking about just a few seconds ago.
A: Then, what is the meaning of it? About 5 minutes only from now? Please be serious and stop fooling me around. haha... 
B: (smile) I'm deadly serious my friend. I hope our friendship will continue in the heaven too. Even we're dead.
A: Huh! Now you're talking about death! It really makes me sick and I'm not interested anymore. I can't trust you anymore. How can you just said like that after you decided to end up our friendship within 5 minutes after this?  I hate you. Really!
B: (about to cry) How could you? I love you so much my friend. I never said I want to end up our friendship. Did I?

Unfortunately, his voice couldn't be heard by A anymore. His friend had already gone away and was about to cross the road. B ran as fast as he could to catch up his beloved friend. Now, A was already at the other side of the road. 

5 minutes passed...
While he crossed the road, suddenly something bad happen. An accident occurred. A turned back to see what happen. A car crashed the traffic light! And a dead body could be seen clearly below the car. A's heart was beating faster than before. He  heard someone calling him. From there! B!

A: (cry badly) Owh, what happen to you? Be patience, an ambulance will come as soon as possible. Just steady, okay?
B: (grabs A's arm) I'm sorry my friend. I hurt your feeling. I really didn't mean to. I swear! I hate myself. Please forgive me.
A: (put his finger on B's lips) Shhh....don't talk. you'll be just fine. I'm sorry too. You're my best friend ever.
B: (smile) Thanks. I'm glad to hear that...and take care....I luv you... 
A: (shout) B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A looked out at his watch. Exactly 5 minutes after they met. His face covered with tear. He realized it now. We'll be friend forever. Rest well my friend.....

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

benci vs sayang

org kata, lau benci mknanya sayang...
lau sayang, mknanya mmg sayang...
jadi lau benci, orang pggl ape?
hbgn yg camne yg lg tahan lame?

a. benci
sebab: dalam benci tersmpan rase syg... benci = jeles. kdg2 kite lg tau diri org yg kite benci lbh dr org yg kite syg. kite terima kekrgn die. kite ngaku kelebihan die. sng kata benci merapatkan hbgn.

b. sayang
sebab: syg itu asas pd phbgn. dalam syg tsmpn kestiaan yg bkekalan. hadir rasa percaya. hadir rasa ingin memiliki. kita cuba mengenali diri org yang kita syg sepenuhnya. sng kata syg membuatkan kita bhgia dlm hbgn.
hence, which one is better?

Nothing ...