Sunday, July 14, 2013

There is always their partners in each words~

Have we ever think?
Everytimes we believe there'll be a lie waiting ahead. No matter how strong we believe, the truth will come out slowly and our determination as well as out inspiration went down drastically...
You know, in life, everything is a lie... Even with ourselves, we're lying. To the ONE who create us and to others also. The matter that more important is how far we realize it. We be friend with someone and eventually can be called close friend. But there's sometimes we lie to him/her. There's not even exist the word 'BELIEVE'. That word only created by our unconscious mind in order to defy and deny the word lie that had been always in our hearts.
Is there really such a thing? White can be said as pure and innocent. White lie can be said as good lie. You lie to someone so that he/she can be happy, or you want to cover some stories. Have you wonder what might happen if those lie appear again and being exposed? Will it be good ending or otherwise? And if good lie is white lie, then is bad lie is black lie?
Lie is still a lie. Maybe in present time, those we called white lie might bring happiness, but don't you think truth is much better. We can face what happen together and move forward together because we may not even alive when he/she discover about the lie. And future is not something that have been created yet but just the path.

Aside from that, lie can be sometimes ENJOYING, RELAXING, DEPRESSING and ANNOYING...
As it said, lie may be annoying sometimes and may becomes worse that depressing type. Annoying lie= obvious lie
You tried to tell someone that you're fasting but the fact is, the smoke from cigarette that happen to stay in your shirt blow it off. And yet you still confront the lie? Euck!
If it happened a few times is okay but what if it happened almost everyday??? JUST DAMN!
Just watching make the 'pahala' flew away as the thought kept 'mengumpat' countless times.
What makes the situation worse, you not even do any work! Just laying around and 'mengular'. Unfair!

I don't even know what I'm talking about!!!
The stress keeps increasing....   

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sometimes life is all about the past ...

After I started worked at my previous place, it seems I'm kinda missed how nice it would be if that place and the workers be like before... Ah well, even people may change, there's nothing to be shocked if the place too...
TRUE... I really do miss the PAST. It's a lot more fun even though the job seem to be easier now. I wished I never realized about that actually (the changes)... 
In PAST, they're a lot more nicer and hardworking. and the new workers also seem diligent. But now, I saw they changed a lot, well, not everyone, but yeah, it would be nice if they changed to better not worse. The new workers also seem to be a little bit lazy and there's some who you may label as 'kurang ajar'. Like malay phase, 'diam- diam ubi berisi'. You never know someone whose seem to be the silent type be like that. And a little bit like 'gangster' behavior. Even I was shocked. I pitied my employee, she must be stressed.
It seems that I still stuck in my PAST. Well, only idiot would want to leave something nice, is what I'm thinking. And willing to move forward.. But actually it's incorrect... Only idiot would want to stay with something good and not willing to move forward... And I'm the one.
I really want to get along with everyone like before but it seems to be just a dream. We can't change people but we can just play along and try to accept it.
Really, just when I worked with my friend who was my ex-roommate in PJ, we remembered our memories when we're staying at the same room with other two people. We laughed as we remembered about what happened back then whether it's sweet or bitter memories. We even thought how could we be like that? How unmatured...

In conclusion, I just thinking... Sometimes, there're a time when life while thinking about PAST is important. You see, even bitter may be sweet and you can laugh when you think how stupid you're in the PAST. But I'm not saying living or being wrapped with the PAST is good. I think PAST is good if ;
  • you use PAST as your relaxing tool
  • you use as a reminder for your mistake 
  • you want to treasure it 
One had say that deny PAST is just like you denying your own existence. Plus without PAST, there'll be no PRESENT and FUTURE

Everything we done is PAST; Everything we're doing is PRESENT; and Everything we intend or plan to do is FUTURE.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

+Return to the past+

Moshi moshi ...
Today, I started work at Petronas Hj Ahmad again... huhu... Well, there're a few reasons why i decided to stop working at Big Apple Donuts & Coffee.... If I'd to choose, it's really better for me to work at petronas. You see, tomorrow, it will be the 1st ramadhan and we'd to face a month fasting without eating and drinks in daytime. It's not really a hard job to do but I'm scared if I'm carelessly eat  or lick any cream that I got during top up the donuts. If it happened once or twice, it'll be alright but how will it be if it's a countless of times? It'll really make my fast be wasted. Ah, another reason, I will never be able to break the fast at home as I'll always went home at 11pm. Sucks, right?
Btw, today is my 1st day at Petronas... I'm glad I still remember a few of things. But it seem there're somethings changed. In bad and good. Then, today also I'd to climb the fuel's lorry to confirm that we received all the fuels. It's my first experience in my life. So fun and not scary at all...
Today shift was with my friend, Ain. Lucky!
She told many things, from important things to the gossips... Huhu... Ladies~
That's all I want to share...  

Life is all about adventures~

Well, for now, its been a month I'd sem break. Whoa, it's really been awhile... In my early break, I just rest at home without doing anything... It's really boring through... After a week, I started to look for work... 3 months break without anything to do really suck!
In previous break, I just worked at Petronas Hj Ahmad, well, that's b'cause usually I only got 3 weeks break. This time, I wished to work at somewhere else...
With my friend, Ain, we went to the EC Mall. This time, that's our choice. There're really many vacancy either part time or full time. As we survey, i decided to work at Big Apple Donuts & Coffee... The thing I couldn't forget was when I called the person in charged. His name is Nurul Huda. I really never thought that he is a man. I was really in shocked and ashamed. Luckily, in one try, I got the job... I'm always lucky in that part...huhu... 
About the job, I worked as the front liner, the one who served the customer, be the cashier and make the drinks. It's not really a tired job but when there's no customers, it be realllyyyyy boooorrriiiinnnggggg......
You see, when we're the one who served customers, our point of view automatically changed. We could see how annoyed some customers are. 
For examples:
1. There's a couple. you stood in front of them and asked, "Yes, how many pieces?" And then they ignored and walked all the way to the front with their hand pointing at the donuts. you asked again. "Yes, how many pieces do you want?" This time louder. And they still ignored until they stood at the counter. Hello, I asked many times and you just walk away like a couple of deaf people. Or are you really deaf? How can you expect I knew how many pieces do you one??? Like bull sh*t!
2. Here comes another one. There's a couple or maybe a group of customers came. Like usual, you stood in front of them and asked, "How many pieces?" This time waited patiently and watched them. You can see they whispers at themselves like having discussion....
"How many pieces do you want?"
"Hurm, six or twelve?"
"Is it enough?"
"Okay, twelve."
And then, they started to move and pointing the donuts while you're still waiting. What the... Let me ask, who're the one who asked and will serve you? Is it your friend? Then just asked them to come inside and worked here!
3. Another one was really rude customers... when others already line up, there's still some who selfishly cut the que... Really, are they not thinking about others? or how they felt if that happened to them?
4. This also the case when the customers line up long. A customer you served take a veryyy long time.. Sometimes just a box of six... Merely because they don't know what to choose... I don't know if you're blind or what but really be aware of the surrounding. But when you told them, they make a face or angry... Hello, I'm the one who wanted to be angry!!! It just make you wanted to leave it and took another customers...

Not just that, as I worked there, I could merely classify them in a few groups...
1.  A family with a small kid
2. A couple
3. Newlyweds
4. A group of people
5. Students
6. Worker in ECMall
7. Foreigner
I hardly saw a customer who came alone. At least they came in a group of two.

Well, there're many cases and you might be head ache with it as you had to bear. For me, this experience really this me about many things...
We will always face many different advantures as we chose a certain routes. Each of them had their own adventures we had to face... Like playing game... Fun while having difficulties...     

Nothing ...