Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Life always comes with a bliss...

Hi... o_O
How all of you do today? ^.^
Really, what a day...

I don't know how actually I feel exactly actually... Hihi... I guess I rather chose happy than sad or frust. I only had 2 classes today and it's pretty interesting. Plus there's someone I know. Well, you see, actually today I went out pretty long and only managed to rest a bit in my room. WHY???

Well, after I finished my class, my friend and I went to a lot of places around center. So, why am I feel happy? Not TIRED?

You see, after we finished our business, we went to the auditorium to have health check up. Both of us checked our blood pressure, body fat, glucose, BMI and others. The result was pretty good. Normal and healthy... *_*

Ahh, there's also dental check up. It's a little while since I'd my teeth checked up. Urm, about 2 years maybe?

You see, when I saw the dentist, she is a woman. Pretty kind and I like her. What I really love when she praised my teeth... hehe... She said my teeth were really pretty, organized and clean. She praised me for taking a good care of them. Actually I was really shocked and didn't believe at all. You know, I never really care about my teeth but maybe my habit of always rinse my mouth after eat or drink any thing with water. I wonder...


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What a day ...

Sigh ... -_-
Today I was pretty late to my first class; well of course b'cause it started at 8.30 am, hence it made me a great journey... The class is at the forth level so I'd to use stairs so that I still managed to be on time but you know what, once I got there, the class wasn't even open yet!
The second class, I went out 5 minutes before the class started thus, I came on time eventhough the class already started. It's math class. Luckily this time, it's not so boring.
but, what make my heart boils is the third class. You see, I didn't pray the Zohor prayer yet b'cause I was too concentrated in anime. So I decided to pray after the class. Same with the second class, I went out 5 minutes earlier but the different was, when I arrived, there're only a few people. I sat patiently around 20 minutes and there... THE LECTURER WASN'T COMING AT ALL!!! I really wasted my time and so my energy... Arghhh!!!
I don't know what to say anymore. So tired ... =_='

Monday, September 16, 2013

Welcome back my life as ...

WELCOME X2 ...^.^
Welcome back to your student's life ...
Really, time surely passed pretty fast ...
Now, it's almost a week I'd been in my university hence leave my home ...
By the way, I continued working ... Huhu... Pretty good development right?
I just worked at the kiosk in my own mahallah. It's good enough as I can save my money in the transport part and the works are pretty simple; just being a cashier and tidy up the store.

Ehemm... ^0^
I really didn't wanna think about that actually. There're classes that really interesting yet there're classes that too BOOOORRIIIINGGGGG!!!!
I'm really frustrated as I went and attended the class. Could you stand it if the math was the one that's boring? Anyway, I'll try to keep it up for the time being ...

Can you believe it if I said that the system changed drastically? If it'd been made easier than no one will complain; but it's the opposite! What my friend told me, if one didn't attend classes more than 20%, automatically barred! The worst one was; even though your carry marks higher, but you get fail in final, the result will be FAIL! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Don't they know that the final is really hard? I'm gonna get myself killed!

SWEET MEMORY <3 font="">
After a week, I registered, I went back to Kuantan. Well, it's HARI MALAYSIA on monday; meaning more holiday, why shouldn't I go home, right? Pretty smart, see! You see, I got really bad luck on that day.
1. The bus from my mahallah to the LRT, came really late. Duh, It's so frustrating. Luckily I only brought a bag only.
2. The ticket to Kuantan already sold out for that day.
3. The prayer room at Pekeliling was crowded! I wouldn't be angry if all the people in there were praying yet there some who sat doing nothing and online. The most annoying part was, they're too ignorance; not consider others at all. If the room is huge, no one will care but the room is too small and totally limited for a number of persons.
4. Eventhough I managed to get a seat in the bus, but I'd to pay RM 25. Way too expensive.
Okay, enough with the misfortune that I 'd to face. It totally unmatched with my subtitle above ...
Anyway, the day after that, I went out with my sis and bro. Pretty sweet? I expended my family. You see, that day was the final for Piala Pesta Merdeka and Malaysia got into final versus Myanmar. I invited my bro and Ain to watched it... Excited sih...
That was my first experience watching a soccer match after a long  time. Really, it's sweet memory ever as Malaysia won 2-0.

You see, ticket for Kuala Lumpur already sold out so, my father as his friend's help. Accidentally, I saw Shafini, one of my nearest friend. She also didn't managed to get any ticket but luckily there's one seat left. I really didn't expect to see her as we didn't manage to meet on the day to go to Kuantan the other day.

... As you keep walking, you will face many things; good or bad... You never know what the meaning behind it until you already faced it up. Hence, keep walking, move forward and never look back...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

As the time pass by ...

It really been awhile. I never get to wish happy Ramadhan and also Eid Fitr. Really, as the title written, it surely feel that time flies too fast... September comes pretty fast, huh! That what happened when we wish the to be faster. No way? Try to remember back in July during fast month. We really wish so that the Eid Fitr will come faster. Oh please, there's no way not a single person wished that. Me to be included. When the August came, so be the festival; the one we really waiting for. But we can never maintain in one spot. So do the time. It needs to continue moving. Now, we are in SEPTEMBER. And really in a few days I too will be leaving my freely life as I'll be back to my student life. Aaahhh~

Well, to be able to say good bye to my cashier life, it's not sooo BAD after all. I can finally stop seeing the face that I hate and talk the thing I really intend not to are really heaven~

Just a week before I go back to Gombak. Really, my heart feels totally uneasy and undetermined. I want to go back but in the same time I don't wanna... Haih~

Really, what's wrong with me?

Nothing ...