Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Someone that ...

Ah, this week or I could say this month, there're a lot of thing happened. Totally make me exhausted. Really, give me a break for a while...

A few days ago, while my mind in cloud, I remembered someone from my past... Can you guess who?

Boyfriend? Nah, I'm not in ties with anyone...
or Ex? Puff~ Not in a dream...

But, that person is a man. Well, you may say that I'd a feeling towards him actually and I knew he didn't know.

How many years had been passed, I wonder... First time I met him was when I was in my form 5 which means I was 17 years old at that time and he was a year younger than me.

You see here, I really like to see a guy with glasses. My type, maybe? ^^,

What I could say about him... Hurm, lets see, yeah, he's a good guy. Well, he was a maahad student. And he took Arabic. That time, I was what you called academic bureau for the hostel. 

All the bureaus whether boys or girls had to conduct orientation for newcomers. And there's a night you could called 'malam burung hantu'. Ah, I didn't know if that's the term. Well, that night, we will closed all the lamp and leave all the students in darkness. We asked them a few things to know them better... To see their feeling after they'd to leave their parents. Well, there're students who will cry if they're alone or called their parents everyday. To be short, that's the deal!

Unluckily, during the orientation, I didn't manage to talk to him and we're not in the same group. T_T

What make me shocked was my own play at that time. You see, after the orientation week's over, we're doing our daily life just like usual. but, for once in my whole life, I asked a junior who was a classmate of him to help me asked his phone number. I really wonder how I could be bold at that time???!!! Never in my whole life asking a boy that I took interest his phone number.

And to be more shocked, he replied!

I read the piece of paper that had his number, and I almost snap! There're two line of numbers. One in the usual number symbol and the other one was in arabic number. 

When I looked at the usual number symbol, the number written was really not a phone number. If it's a phone number, it should be like
but what was written was;
and it's the same as in arabic. 
I was pretty depressed as I thought he played with me but after I calmed down, I finally managed to solve the trick. Simple...
And thus, when we went home, I tried to send him a message and he replied. I was really happy...

Unfortunately, it was really a short story for us. ^^o

He got an invitation to KISAS and on his last day, I didn't manage to see him face to face because of the tuition. In the end, we lost contact as the time flies...

I really missed him eventhough I already forgot his name...[Well, I'm a person that have a hard time to remember someone's name or face...You can say that I have a bad memory]

I wish we can meet again...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What a journey 0_o' pt 3

... I came back at 1 am. Luckily we could still entered the college. Save~

Monday, why it didn't be a holiday? Tomorrow's holiday. Really, these lecturers totally love classes. Well. not that I minded but it would be better if it's a holiday. Never mind about that ...

I only had classes until 1 pm anyway... In the first placed, I intended to go the post office with my friend but she'd many works to do so I'd to go alone ... I didn't mind... Well, there's a post office in here anyway. I didn't really need to go far that was what I thought.

I took the number and waited. Ah, there's about 20 more~
After waited a few minutes, finally it's my turn. I went to the counter and said ...
"I wanna make new bank book. Can I?"
"Are you wanna make a new account or ..." She asked.
"No... Well, actually my previous book was lost and I wanna make the new one."
"Oh, if that so, you have to go to PNB directly. Any lost book have to go there to make new one." She explained it calmly but I was totally in shocked. PNB? What? Where?
"Urm, can I know where's PNB?"
"Hurm, you took the train and stop at Ampang Park. The building's around that area."
Ampang park???

Then, I started my journey again ... 
When I arrived at Ampang Park, I was totally lost. Wuwu...
I didn't know the direction to the PNB. It's my first time came here. Waaa, help me!!!

I saw a shop and asked for direction. Luckily the owner was kind enough to tell me in detail about the location and it was right and easy to understand. Thank you, mister!

I entered the PNB building and went to the counter. A guard talked to me and asked my business. He was kind and polite old man. He told me to wait at a counter there. 

The staff in charge was an older woman. She asked my business and gave me a form to completed and prepared RM 20.00. Charge for lost the book.

In the end, I successfully to make new book and also withdrew some money. Before I went back, I walked to the mall nearby to buy food to eat as well as to find a bank. I wanted to deposit my money first b'cause carrying a large amount of money make my heart uneasy.

Enough with that day...
The next day, I went out alone again b'cause no one can accompany me. Pretty lonely, neh?
Whatever, I went to Low Yat as I planned and at the first shop I stopped, I made my decision to buy the laptop there. I was totally tired to window shopping. 
The promoter that in charge of me told me to gave RM 300 as a deposit before paid the rest. Well, I went to the atm to withdraw the money that I saved yesterday.

I didn't know that I could only withdraw RM 1000 a day. I was totally shocked!
I was pretty uneasy as the money I need was not enough but luckily I still have some money in my other bank. Really...

In the end, I managed to buy the laptop ...
At last, my suffering day without a laptop finally ended!!!

4 days journeys in order to buy a laptop finally could be concluded... 

Dear my new laptop, please stay healthy at least until I finish my study and get a job...
I don't want to use my saving again to buy new laptop...
I still have many other things to buy other than you...
Please be understand~

What a journey 0_o' pt 2

Enough with that day...
You see, the next day, Sunday was supposedly my free time or my relaxing time. I like to be lazy in my room or tidy up my room but since my friend, Fini make a plan with me, I really had to obey ...

Well, actually it was't really bad. She got 2 free tickets to watch the final match of Malaysia Cup aka Piala Malaysia ... You see, our tuition was a little bit special. We managed to get the tickets through that. I really didn't mind at all b'cause I'm not really interested to watch any soccer or other sports tournament... But this time, it's final so I rather be a little bit interested. The problem was how to go there?

I just leave that to her since she the one who invited me in the first place. Luckily, she said her friend will send us. And her friend turned out to be a guy plus an outsider. UniKl student... Actually I was pretty uncomfortable but I just bear it. For today only!

We went at 3 o'clock and arrived at 5 o'clock. Deja vu right? There're really jam around the stadium. Many supporters came and parked their car everywhere...

After we arrived at the stadium, we searched for k. Wani, who held the tickets. I really shocked to see my kyohai there. I forgot that she also went to the same tuition as me. We entered the stadium around 6 o'clock and hell, what the ... There're too many people in. And the place was really packed with all the supporters. Even though we came early, there're no place to sit anymore. How frustrating!!!

An hour left until the game started and suddenly ... It's raining!!! Slowly to get heavier ... I could see the supporters who sat at the place without a roof began to move. Ah~ It's really good if I can sat there...

As I looked around, I saw a person with an umbrella and it shocked me. You see, last time when I watched the game for Piala Merdeka at Stadium Darul Makmur, I thought they're not allowed to bring umbrella.

I smiled happily and started to separate with Fini and her friend. I moved to the front... As I went, the rain poured heavily and windy... The direction of the rain started to move toward the place I was at. SUCK!

Immediately I opened my umbrella and waited for people who wanted to come up to move. One thing that I couldn't forget was when a young man suddenly stood beside me. Not bad for his face. Well, he just sheltered under my umbrella. LUCKY <3 font="">

A moment after that, I leave him and started to move. At last, in the front! Really I could see the goal pole clearly. A few minutes left before the game started. I kept saying in my heart that if Pahang win this game, my day will be better~

The game began ...
Really, I was totally immersed in the game. There're many chances for each team to score goal but kept failing. Unlucky, right but pretty suspend ...

In the end, Pahang won with 1-0. I was happy to be truth and hoping that my day will be as I wished ...

[To be continue ...]

What a journey 0_o' pt 1

You see, last week was totally a chaos!!!
Wanna know what happen???
Let see ...
If I remembered correctly, it started on saturday... Yes, everything bad happened on that day. My 'CURSE' day!

You knew that my laptop was totally cannot be used, right? You see, I planned to buy new laptop on that day. I even had to ask my father to send me my bank book.

Firstly, let me share with you the plan:
I'll go to Pekeliling to take my bank book and something that I'd my brother to buy for me while my friend went to KLCC first to check the post office or bank whether it opened or not. And she'll buy the tickets to watch the THOR 2 so that we can save time.
After I got my thing, I'll go to KLCC. If the post office or bank was opened and I could withdraw the money, we'll buy the laptop after the movie and if not, I'll withdraw the money on Monday and we'll buy the laptop the next day. Pretty smooth, right?

Well, that's the plan and what happened was ...
As we planned, I went to Pekeliling while my friend went to KLCC. At first, it went smoothly according to the plan but everything became a CHAOS as soon as I got my thing and on my way to KLCC. 
To go to KLCC from Pekeliling, I'd to change train from Ampang line to Kelana Jaya line. When I was in the train to Ampang line, I met a friend's friend. We talked and talked until the time for us to change the train. While I walked leisurely with her until we arrived at the station of other train, I realized that something missing from me. I kept wondering a few seconds before I realized my thing!
What I do? 
Of course I ran as quickly as I could to the counter. I talked to the staff about what happened and you know what, she kept asking me an annoying question. 
"Which train do you take?"
"Which area do you sit? Front, middle or at back?"
"What did you lost?"
and bla bla...
Can't you see that I lost my thing? Why did you have to ask where did I sit? and while I kept answering that I took the train toward Ampang line, why do you kept repeating the question???
What made me totally fed up when she said, "Tak boleh main kot- kot ni dik. Kita nak konfemkan." as I said, "Dekat tengah kot. takpun depan."
If I confidently remember which area I sat, there's no way I'll forget my thing!!!!
and then, after she reported to I don't know who, she said, "Tunggu sini sampai orang sana telefon semula." 
How long do you think I'd to wait?
and then she said, "Tak ada lah dik. Mungkin ada orang dah tolong ambilkan."
What the heck, trying to make a joke or what????
After I'd to wait this long, that's all you'd to say to me? Let alone any kind word that my soften my frustrated heart, you gave me a really annoying word that really add the fuel in my burning heart!!!

Ah, well... that day, I just spent my money to watch the movie... Really what a day ...

[To be continue ...]

Nothing ...