Thursday, February 12, 2015


Seems like the new semester already took place...
I don't know whether to feel happy or not...
Well, first of all, I'm glad that I don't have to repeat any subjects for this sem. (THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT ACTUALLY!!!)
Then, I was really happy to see my pal again... (I missed her...huhu)
I wonder if I missed the college???
Not that important case anyway...

I think that, I was more unhappy rather that happy for this starter of the semester...
There're a lot of reasons!
1. My timetable for this semester is totally CRAZY! I have classes from Monday to Thursday (Luckily none in FRIDAY) and they started at 8.30am! SO FRUSTRATING! Not just that, my classes are packed on Monday and Wednesday. I got classes from morning 'till late evening (6.30pm). What I dislike the most was that there's a gap between the classes in the evening slot. I guess you can say that I'm more glad if the classes are directly so that I can rest as soon as I finished them all rather that having a little of time to rest. Actually, the main problem is I'm not a morning person. I always wake up in the late morning or nearly afternoon so, having the classes started at 8.30am make me a little uneasy since one of the reason I had to repeat some of my subjects were because of that. Make the problem worse, having classes until late evening made me tired 100%. Well, I pray that I can withstand this problem 'till the end. (I don't wanna to repeat again T_T)
2. I started my semester as penniless girl! It's totally true. I didn't get the 'so good' PTPTN until now (I heard we'll get it in MARCH). My father didn't give me my pocket money yet (Well, now I already get it). I still didn't get my salary yet as I stopped working a day before I went back to here. Luckily, I still had my pocket money from previous month so, I managed to survive before my father bank in my pocket money for this month. THANK YOU, FATHER! And, I don't know whether this year we as the university students will get the books' voucher again or not 'cause I didn't hear any news about that at all. It's not that I wanted it but well, the primary and secondary students got RM100, the single working men or women got around RM350 even the family or single parents got assist so, how about us? It must be fair, right? Geez, when you've no money, you can be pretty desperate and shameless.
3. I'm pretty uncomfortable with myself. To tell the truth, I think that I'm still growing. I'm not sure whether I gained weight or not (hopefully not). I'm still confusing and it makes me restless. It's not that I'm afraid to be fat or overweight because I know that if my weight increases, as the time passes, I'll gain my normal weight back (I'm confident about that!). Anyway, just forget about that.
4. There're many things that I must have but I don't have them! I need many things right now. From notebooks, ink for my printer, new clothes, food and even my daily things. The one and only obstacle is, yes, MONEY! As I need the money ASAP, the same goes for all the things. I NEED THEM ASAP!!! Right now, I can still manage some way but I don't think that I can withstand it until next month, SERIOUSLY!

Well, I think better I stop complaining or it will never ending otherwise. 
Anyway, I pray all the best for me, myself in surviving this semester. Hopefully, there're a lot of interesting and excited events that I manage to gain and experience.


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