Monday, March 23, 2015


Have you at least check your body at least once in your life?
about hygiene...
Have you even thought that maybe;
-you have body odor problem?
-or smelly feet?
-or, maybe breathe odor problem? 

or Have you even don't realize it?
or... perhaps, you 'ain't bother with these problems?

Have you ever feel conscious about your surrounding?
how people see you?
how they evaluate you?

I, for once never stop thinking about how people see me.
You can say that I'm too conscious but I think it's better than just ignore it.
I mean, have you ever see people like, well maybe your friends make a weird face when you're standing beside them? or, maybe they just finish their business with you in a fast speed?

I always meet this sort of people. I mean, people with body odor problem. I ain't mean that I'm 100% hygiene but, well you may say that I'm quite sensitive with my body odor when facing people especially when I was going out from morning 'till late evening. There must be many sweat, right? Especially when we're having this sort of weather... freaking HOT! Thus, he sweat that we produced will likely being absorb by our clothes that in the end make it smelly. See, the outcome?

There're many reasons for these problems, such as sweat. Sometimes, you can see people with large body have this problem if they ain't take care seriously. It'll of course make your body smelly greatly. Then, you cover up with perfume ...

The heck! It will make the smell to be more smelly. That's why people always wear perfume in their clean clothes and also after taking a bath, while their body are fresh. I watched this sort of thinking and ways too many times, since I stayed at hostel. Can you imagine how awful it will be? 

Sometimes, we can't cure these problems but, it doesn't mean we have to neglect or ignore them. For example, like I said, usually people with large body tend to face this problem of body odor. Instead of  ignore, you can take care yourself in a better way. If I'm not mistaken, control what you eat can reduce this problem. You can also avoid wearing the same clothes twice or more before washed. or, take a shower as much as possible when you're having many activities during the day. Well, there're many ways to be done.

Why I'm talking about this?
Well, actually a friend of mine came to my room one day to do our report. At first, I was keeping concentrate in my own report until I smell something sour. I mean, at that time there're only two of us in that room. I wondered whether it might came from my clothes that I ain't wash yet but, the smell was quite strong enough to make me uncomfortable. Then, suddenly my friend asked, "Do you smell something sour or smelly? Sorry, it came from me. I ain't wearing socks when I wore my sneakers." SEE???  That's why I hate wearing sneakers. Anyway, I thought it was fine since she apologized but you know, she kept wearing that sneakers to the class the next day. Can you imagine how I have to maintain my shock of discomfort?

I ain't intend to bad mouth about her. Just share some story with advise~
I mean, if you already realized the problem, why're you still using them? It won't hurt to wash them and then wear them again with socks 'cause the smell will not disappear as long as the sneakers didn't be washed. I advised, never be like her. Ignore the problem.

Can you imagine what'll happen when you're wearing them during your date with your bf?
What a disaster...
How embarrassing~

In conclusion, hygiene is pretty important no matter whether you're male or female. Even though you're the type to ignore what people said about you but, never let others felt uncomfortable around you. BUKAN KE KEBERSIHAN ITU SEBAHAGIAN DARIPADA IMAN? ^^, 

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I'm sure most of people know this title, right? ^^,
Yeah, it's movie played by Jackie Chan... if you asked about the plot or settings, it's a historical movie about China and Rome.
If you asked me to rate this movie out of 10, I'll gladly give 9. Well, no way it can get full mark!
Haha... anyway, I really like this story maybe 'cause I love historical movie about ancient war rather than vampire or nonsense story. Well, what I wanna to highlight was it totally my preference....
Anyway, the story was superb with such a good moral and there's almost no negative influence. (I wonder why this movie has to be watched for people 18 and above)
I don't know whether this was just 'make up' story or totally historical with some add up... but, it was really interesting...
You can see the Rome soldiers and other countries soldiers. There're also many other language used besides Chinese and English. You can also see how ancient people fought in order to defend their home. You can also see how betrayal occurred since long time ago...
Practically, this movie was worth to be watched!
Although there're some boring scenes, but overall it didn't kill the story... the story  end with victory but the characters that I love died. So sad... well, fortunately it was a happy ending with many loss....

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Naruto the last movie

As the title said, have you watch the movie???
No? Oh, came on! Everyone know dat naruto is one of the famous anime and manga. Even adult watched them...
Geez, fine...
Hurm, what I wanna to write was my opinion regarding the movie...
If i had to rate it out of 10, maybe i'll give 7 or 8...

Wait, i didn't mean dat the story was bad or what, but maybe I just could say that it wasn't too exciting...

I knew dat somehow the movie was just showing the relation between naruto and hinata but somehow, the story line was a little bit boring... there's many fighting scenes but i couldn't find or say that one of them was the climax. Every story needed to have a climax so dat the story will be more exciting but in dis movie, even though they kept fighting, I still couldn't see it.
Dat was what i disappointed the most... ah, by the way, I totally pissed with the scene about sasuke. Just decide whether wanna to show him or not... in the movie, he just got a few scenes and none of them show his face completely. I mean, if you didn't wanna him to have anything with the mission, just don't show him!
Anyway, dat was my opinion about the movie. 

For anyone who thinks otherwise, please don't accuse me... this is 100% my view...
Anyway, just watch it for those who wanna to...
Thank you...

Nothing ...