Tuesday, July 21, 2015


First of all, Happy Eid Fitri to all MUSLIM in da world!!!
There're many things we sought to do during this event.

Forgiving event? OF COURSE!
Meet with relatives? THAT'S A MUST I GUESS...
Collect 'DUIT RAYA'? for KIDS only...
REUNION???? Why not, RIGHT?

Yeah, since the events of Eid Fitri involving the whole world, that day will be a holiday but how many days will be depend... Forget about that, the most important thing is this may create an opportunity for us to reunion with our old mates. We'll start messaging or whatsapp or calling... asking,

"Weyh, raya ni kau cuti sampai bila?"
"Raya tahun ni kau ada rumah?"
"Mai la datang rumah aku!"

It's so typical actually and I don't mean it in the bad way. Yeah, each of us started to be busy with our lives not like before during we're in school. After we started our university's lives, our schedule started to change rapidly. It's getting harder to match with each other. If it was in the same state, we may considered it but, what if  different states or country? Pretty hard. In the first year, maybe we can still compromised but for how long?

I guess, that's why people say that love during school's life is 'PUPPY LOVE' or 'CINTA MONYET'. Those who have strong heart and determination only may keep their relationship. That's why I kinda respect people who're in relationship since they're in school and lastly got married. I just can't imagined how hard they had to struggle. ^^o

STOP and back to da topic again, during this event, we find a chance to meet with each others. TRUE.

This year, I kinda happy as I met with others after so long even though not all. (Well, at least I got to met a few of them) We met as we planned to go to our ex-schoolmate wedding. Pretty good excuse, huh.

Just as we met, I slightly realized, we're starting to be apart. Well, each of us have our own lives and communities. I admit it. However, we didn't see it yet since not all of us already graduate. Just imagined, how we're when we started our lives as a worker not student? Our time to enjoy will start to decrease. How about when we're married? Truthfully, I'm kinda scared.

I wish to be a worker as I wanna graduate and own money myself. I also wish to have a lifetime partner. But, I may need to rearrange my life again and again. What I wish to do, What I need to do, or What I have to avoid...

When we started realize something, our mind will start to be mature and think like an adult I think. Well, no one wish to be a child forever. At least not me...

Hopefully, I pray that our relation with others will never extinguish and will deepen as the time moves forward~  

At the mosque

Pose for da ice-cream

At the IMANI's wedding

'Raya' at Farihah's house

we are ...

Long Break... INTERNSHIP~

Well, it seems that I didn't have anything to share or how should I say, I don't know what to share?

Just forget about it...

It really a long time since my last update...
Not that anyone care. Well, even I don't really care. So, what ever...
It had been a month I guess since I started my semester break for about 3 months... But, really instead of working part time at Petronas like usual, I had to undergo EIT for the whole 3 months. You can say I don't really get any break actually.

What is EIT?
 Dudes, EIT stands for ENGINEERING INDUSTRIAL TRAINING... You can say PRACTICAL too... Since my hometown at KUANTAN, I purposely chose my EIT's location to be around here also which resulting in TUDM KUANTAN. I already started my practical around 1 month. Not many I can say about it actually.

FUN or ...?
Honestly, I don't know how to answer... There're too many plus and minus to be share. For example, I was the only students from my university. That's the minus one even though there're two other girls but they're from the same university. The people there are quite friendly actually but lack of women that make me a little shy to be truth. Well, all in all, I just have to accept my fate since I need to complete this EIT with good result.

What I got from there?
Hurm, many things actually and mainly about aircraft. It also made me realize how poor my knowledge are compared to them. You can say, I came with 25% information related to aircraft and 0% on how to do maintenance. Well, that to be expected since I only learnt theory and calculation at my university. But, they are kind enough to explain anything that I don't know since I sincerely admit my lack of knowledge. (Well, there're nothing to lie or shame about anyway)

I guess, there're a lot to be exposed to since we're not used in something and need to learn how to adept fast. Maybe the plus and minus may turn to be plus if the mind set can be changed or by thinking optimistically. REALLY, WHAT A LIFE~ 




Nothing ...