Saturday, August 8, 2015


Olla my dear friends ...

This time I wanna share my knowledge and also experience about what you need to be alert when you're at petrol station ...
I guess, maybe some of you might wonder what am I talking about or maybe some of you already know about this...
Well, first of all, the purpose that I wanna share about this b'cause it seemed not everyone knew about it.

Okay, just let get started already ...

1. When you're at petrol station (for example Petronas... well, I guess maybe b'cause I worked there before and that's why I used it as an example... Please forgive me... ^o^), usually there's a loyalty card (in this case, it's called MESRA CARD) and if you buy either fuel or goodies in the shop, you may collect the points and then redeem them accordingly. So, this is what I wanna say. You may think that this card may not important or something like that but believe me, if you're the type that always refuel your vehicle almost everyday and in full tank or always bought many goodies in the shop (except top up and cigarette of course...), I advised you to think twice.
Let imagine... You came and refuel about 20 L PER DAY. In this case, you will get 20 points. (Well, points are given as 1 point per 1 L fuel or 1 point per RM 1 if you buy any goodies in the shop.) Just try calculate it. If you refuel 5 days per week, you will collect about 100 points and if you keep it up in a month, you will end up with 400 points! Even though when you redeem it, the point will be count as 100 points = RM 1... But, it worth than just randomly gave these points to others.

This is what I wanna alert you. In this world, it's hard to find someone who is totally honest. Seriously, even I am not that kind of person. This is the same with the cashier or crew that work there. Usually, when dealing with people who is refueling in low amount, we (cashiers) did not care, but if some people refuel in full tank and didn't have any loyalty card, we will swipe our own card and this will gave us points even we didn't buy anything. (Pretty good huh? Well, mostly the workers at petrol station will make this loyalty card for this purpose mainly especially workers that are non-Malaysian) It will give us more benefits when customers bought goodies in  the shop. whether the amount is low or high, buy using some trick, we can still manage to collect high points. (I will not share the trick. Sorry... ) Anyway, although it may called dishonest, but in my opinion this is not entirely our fault. We may do dishonest act but it's also their (customers) fault for not giving or applying this loyalty card. Also, there're always a need for workers to promote this card to customers but do you think we can do it if there're a lot of them in one time. If they didn't care we served late, then it's okay, but mostly even if we were not served then within 1 minute, they will start to bark (Well, I mean complaint)... It's frustrating sometimes and what make a headache when they told us to fill in the form for them. Hell, do you think we're not busy? The form even didn't require to be sent back but rather post it yourselves and we usually gave the loyalty card on the spot and it can be used to collect point. You just can't redeem it until the form is delivered and arrived safely. Easy actually to do it.

2. This one I got from my friend. Her family went to this petrol station to refuel. The car was half full and it was just proton or produa brand of car so, if you needed to refuel it full tank, it will be less than RM 100. Okay, here's the story. My friend's dad wanna refuel it full tank and my friend kept an eye as the fuel flowed. And after some times, she realized something. She looked at the screen, the amount already near RM 150 ++. In shocked, she told her father but without any resist, her father just paid the amount showed.

Well, that's the summary of it. If you realized, for cars from proton or produa, for their tank to be full, the amount will hardly reach RM 150. In my friend's case, there're something wrong and based on my experience, likely lies on the previous customer that used that pump. 

What I mean was, the previous customer might use credit or debit card to refuel his/ her vehicle and unfortunately didn't put the nozzle in the right way and make the fuel to keep ongoing. Hurm, I don't know how to explain it actually but you see, when you're refueling by using credit or debit card, unless you already set the amount you wanted, the fuel will flow nonstop. Ah, I don't mean that it will over flow since there's nozzle (you understand right?), but until you put the nozzle back to its place, the fuel will still flow and not cut off. Usually, for customer that used card, he/ she will wait for their perspective resit came out. If not, he/ she will ask the cashier to print it out.

Do you get the point? Oh, well... to be summarized, my friend might stop at the pump which the previous customer was using card. Then the fuel that she used might actually the continuation of his/ her card. Pretty clumsy right? So, here's another question. If, she used others, then where will her dad's money gone?

[HINT] Okay, seem my friend used others, that's mean she actually got free fuel. (The amount of fuel that she got were from the previous customer's card)

In this case, for safety, always and always asked for resit when you're refueling! So, you will have evidence and point when you wanna argue with someone. 

3. If you have loyalty card, instead of ordering the crew, it's better you went to the cashier and paid it yourselves. If you asked why, well, it will be back to the point no.1.Remember, to collect points, you have to give your loyalty card together with the money. Not after you're done refuel! If you do that, you will lose your point and the card will just be useless. And don't blame us when you checked your card and find it to have none points!

4. If you think you're not generous type of people, highlight this point. Pay yourself when you're refueling. You see, when you wanna redeem your point for fuel, it had to be done outside like how you're using credit/ debit card. There're some crews that instead of gave your money to the cashier, they will just use their loyalty card and subtract their point to get the money.

In my eyes, it's not really any problem since no one lose anything but when you see in the ethics POV, it's still can be labelled as dishonesty. Some customers might also mind about this. 

5. Ah, not many knew about this but when you wanna refuel in full tank, you can just pay how may you want as a deposit. (Usually it's better to pay high like RM 100 but always remember to tell that you wanna refuel in full) When the amount of fuel exceed the amount of what you paid, you have to pay it. For example, you paid RM 50 but the actual amount was RM 75, so you had to pay RM 25 more. And, if the amount of fuel less than the amount of what you paid, you just have to go back to the cashier and get your balance. For example, you paid RM 150, but the fuel only RM 120, so you will get back RM 30.

Always remember to recollect your balance or pay the extra amount needed! Some people always misunderstand and didn't know that you may get your balance back if the fuel is less than what you paid. 

Hurm, I don't know what to share even though I know there're a lot to be share. Right now, maybe that's all?

Haha... I just hope this will help...

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