Sunday, November 20, 2016

A New Experience~


You see, starting from month 6, I officially live alone. Ah, I meant that instead of staying at the hostel, I rent a room together with others.

How's my life?

Just the same... 0_o
Lately, I started to cook by myself (I never learn how to cook before!!!) Well, just the simple dishes... Because of that, I forgot to add sugar in the dish that make it to be tasteless... It was my first time prepared the fish too~ (Lol, just imagined how I felt when I tried to throw the inner of the fish *_*)
I also tried to make fried chicken... At first, it lacked salt and also half cooked... And then, after trying a few more, it came out to be good... (Well, at least I can eat without worried) For the rice, instead of cooked it with water, I added a little of salt to make it salty and it came out to be better than tasteless...

Well, that's my first experience in cooking. Later, I might try to make simple dishes contains of vegetables to balance my diet... (It's no good if you only eat protein without any green vegetables~)

Actually, I tend to try new thing (like cooking) when I'm alone. When I'm at home, I didn't like to do it. Well, maybe 'cause I prefer to do by myself without anyone help? I didn't like to be teach maybe?
Also, I'm quite 'picky' in eating... I don't even know what to eat... I don't even have any favorite I guess. You can say that I always eat what my mom cooked (Well, except for the dish that I don't like, of course). Sometimes, for a day I tend to have a desired dish to eat. You can say that what I want to eat always came suddenly~

With that, bye2~

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