Saturday, November 5, 2016

My Hobby I

Hi again...
Like I said in my previous post, I wanna share about one of my hobbies with you...

You see, actually I don't remember when I have this kind of hobby. Before, I'm quite addicted in reading manga and watching anime. Not like I'm not doing that anymore, 'kay. Just the time I spent decrease. 

Now, most of my time I spent in reading these novels. Since it's online, I can read them anywhere and anytime as long as there's internet line. 

Ah, when I think of it, I might accidentally touch this hobby of mine when I read manga.You see, some of the manga are adapted from game (such as Sword Art Online or Final Fantasy), anime, and light/ web novels. The disadvantage of that is the next chapter will be out quite late and the chapter is short (less than 25 pages). Since that was the case, when I hook with one of the manga (I forgot its name), I became unsatisfied and quickly search for the raws. and that's when I saw the link for the novel version (just type in google the title of the manga and of course the translated one).

See, from one link to another link and lastly it became a number of link and a number of novels that I found. In the end, recently I found the website that have the collection of these novels which save me quite a time. (www.readnovelonline.com and www.novelupdates.com)

If you asked me my preferences, well, I might as well said that I don't really have. I just read the synopsis first and if it's interesting, I'll try read the first chapter. But, of course I still have some genre that I will avoid as much as I can. 

If it's male, they might like the novels that have ecchi and harem but I don't like this type of novels. However there're lots of novels with this type of genre since the author usually the male... (You understand, right?) 

This is some part that I dislike about some novels that I read:

1. In martial arts novels (wuxia or xianxia), most of the story will tell how beautiful each women that MC (Main Character) met. It's quite annoying you know? The story will develop such the beauty will hate the MC but at the end love him or fall for him and chase after him. It also will be that the MC will chase after the beauties. I really like martial arts novels b'cause it's an action and adventure type novel but when it involved beauties, the stories got stray. It's getting worse when ecchi genre is added. I mean if only harem genre, I can still accept but when ecchi, it can reflect that the MC is quite pervert. 

2. In romance novels, it's mostly write by female. I like it especially Chinese novels but... You see, mostly and MOSTLY the author will make the MC (female lead) quite dumb and having average face and the male lead is rich and handsome plus smart. I mean, come on, what's quality does that girl have to capture such a man??? The story is fun and I like it but I just dislike how the author make the MC. It's quite pitiful you know. It's the same like Malay novels. Quite the same but the tension and plot are different but the way the author make the characters are the same. Rich Male, Poor Female. Smart Male, Dumb Female. Handsome Male, Average Female.

Well, I still read them and skip when the part that I hate when I like the plot of the novel and it didn't stray. For those that I hate, I just stop read them. Easy right?

Well, it's not my place to complain but still I have my right as a reader to say my comments... ;P

Such that, everyone has their own preferences and that what make we different, right???

For now, tata~ 

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