Saturday, November 5, 2016


Well, never mind about dat...
I guess it doesn't important anyway...

Do you ever realize dat ...

We usually just turn blind for some cases. For instance, this is what we always do. QUE! I think we see many notes or caution about this. At the road... "Jangan potong QUE!" or "Tak rasa bersalah ke potong QUE?" We also often see this at the counter... but, it usually says, "Sila beratur!"
And, can you guess what we always do? Hell, yeah! I'm sure you know. Just be honest 'kay...
We usually, without any pity or shy, just cut the que and 'BUAT BODOH' when someone glaring. Like you're innocent enough! Hello, just who do you think you're, huh? Lord? King or GOD? f***!!! It was totally typical attitude dat hard to change in ourselves. Some even dare to say, "RULES MAKE ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN!" Are you in H**** P***** movie???
I wanna ask you. Just who said dat actually? So, is it meant dat the rule or LAW dat our LORD had made are meant to be broken? So, why are they being created in da first place? Have you ever wonder? No, of course! The lots of you who said rule meant to be broken! Do you feel dat you're powerful enough? Huh, just keep talking about it make me mad!!!
You see, I had face many incidents regarding dis issues. For instance, when I was OTW to my university, at the traffic light junction, there was only only line means for each directions. I mean, one line was for the vehicles dat wanted to go to the left and another one to the right. And, the traffic light was existed for da vehicles which wanted to go to the right like me. So, of course it'will make a long que since the green light was pretty fast. I guess, you can be patience for dat. Since, I was with my family and from home, we're already tired and wished to arrive as fast as we could. AND THEN, SUDDENLY A CAR FROM BEHIND APPROACH FROM THE LEFT SIDE BEFORE IT STOPPED IN THE FRONT WITH THE INTENTION TO TURN TO THE RIGHT? There' re a lot of noises kept coming from behind. I'm sure they're mad. HELL, YEAH! Do you really think you were the only one who wanted to arrive fast? F***

Actually I ain't mean to just complaining. Initially I wanted us to realize our typical attitudes. I guess it was a good way if you can save more time but when you're in a que, there's no help to it. Just keep patience and wait. When you cut the line, do you realized what actually have you done? Practically, you had waste other people time. The flow might be disturb and you might invite the fight with others. People will talk about you, hate you or yell at you. Do you really want dat to happen?

As for me, I never say I never do that. I can even said honestly that I do that even though I wasn't sure. Maybe b'cause when we're young we didn't  think the consequence of our action and didn't feel anything but as I grew older my conscience also growth. I felt guilty when I thought of cutting que and kept thinking in their POV. That's why when it happened to me, I was quite angry b'cause not just you're rushing for important case, Others too. Everyone has their own circumference. Everyone want the flow to be smooth but when this kind of behaviour happen, it will waste more time as it will invited more jam in line. Just have a good reflection for our own benefit.

That's all~

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